Ignacio Riveros Godoy

Economist & Data Scientist

About Me

My name is Ignacio Riveros. I’m a Chilean economist and data scientist. My main interests are related to the generation and application of knowledge and technology to improve people’s lives through public policy. You can check my CV here!

I’m working at ConsiliumBots. Together with an amazing team, we are trying to apply methods from economics and data science to improve the educational outcomes of people. We are focused on the use (and creation) evidence about decision making in education, and how the delivery of precise and legible information can lead to better decisions and future outcomes. Also, we are working as consultants in many LAC countries and the IADB to boost centralized school mechanisms by educational policymakers. Check our amazing team!

In this context, my main contributions have been the design and implementation of school matching software and simulators to understand the consequences of different types of applications in the context of centralized school assignment mechanisms. I have also been involved in implementing chatbots and web-platforms oriented to provide personalized information on higher education options. As a bonus, with Consilium’s team, we participated in a fantastic project about COVID-19 and Small Businesses.

Also, I’m a part-time researcher in a joint project of the Public Policy School at the Catholic University of Chile and CIGIDEN. In this research project, we study the medium-term impact of the 2010 Earthquake in Chile on most affected counties’ economic activity. The primary purpose of this project is to build resilience against socio-natural disasters.

I have several interests. In the first place, I like computers and programming. I consider myself an amateur programmer, being python my favorite language. I also have experience coding in rstats and stata. Also, I like to read books in my Kindle, mainly about economics. Finally, I love to practice sports. I practice sport climbing (also like bouldering, and I am discovering the amazing world of road cycling.